Daum, Clauson earn wins in POWRi midgets at Macon Speedway Saturday

//Daum, Clauson earn wins in POWRi midgets at Macon Speedway Saturday

Daum, Clauson earn wins in POWRi midgets at Macon Speedway Saturday


Zach Daum won the first POWRi midget feture at Macon Speedway Saturday.

MACON – POWRi Lucas Oil National Midget Series points leader Zach Daum stormed to the victory in the first feature race at Macon Speedway Saturday night in front of a loaded field. Daum, of Pocahontas, Ill., started from the front row and held off Bryan Clauson of Noblesville, Ind., for the victory.

Clauson, the reigning Chili Bowl champion, came back to win the second feature before a packed house at the legendary fifth-mile high banked dirt oval as the POWRi series completed its only races of the season here after rainouts kept them from running or finishing in five previous dates.

The open wheel weekend continues with the Tony Bettenhausen 100 for USAC Silver Crown cars Sunday at the Illinois State Fairgrounds. Grandstands open at 9 a.m. with practice at 10, qualifying at 11:15 and the race at 1:30 p.m.

The racing was already thrilling at Macon Speedway. The track was fast, and the POWRi drivers had plenty of room to maneuver. The cushion was pushed toward the wall, and there were three lanes of racing for the final POWRi midget feature.

Clauson pulled away from Darren Hagen and Justin Grant for the victory in the second feature. Clauson is also a 2012 Indianapolis 500 qualifier.

Devin Feger and Nathan Benson scored the victories in the POWRi Outlaw Micro  features. Meanwhile, Bobby Beiler grabbed the win in the Street Stocks, and Collin Alexander took the checkered flag in the Billingsley Towing Modifieds.

John Bright Jr. won the Outlaw Hornets, and Garth Luka captured the trophy in Stock Hornets.


 Bryan Clauson won the second POWRi midget feature at Macon Speedway.


POWRI MIDGETS (Feature No. 1) – 1. Zach Daum, 2. Bryan Clauson, 3. Darren Hagen, 4. Justin Peck, 5. Austin Brown, 6. Park Price-Miller, 7. Chett Gehrke, 8. Daniel Robinson, 9. Andy Malpocker, 10. Robbie Ray, 11. Ryan Criswell, 12. David Budres, 13. Danny Smith, 14. Andrew Felker, 15. Seth Motsinger, 16. Daniel Adler.

POWRI MIDGETS (Feature No. 2) – 1. Bryan Clauson, 2. Darren Hagen, 3. Justin Grant, 4. Zach Daum, 5. Andy Malpocker, 6. Terry Babb, 7. Dave Darland, 8. Andrew Felker, 9. Daniel Robinson, 10. Parker Price-Miller, 11. Justin Peck, 12. Austin Brown, 13. Seth Motsinger, 14. Chett Gehrke, 15. Spencer Bayston, 16. Shane Cottle, 17. Tyler Robbins, 18. David Budres, 19. Jake Neuman, 20. Colten Cottle.

POWRI MICROS (Feature No. 1) – 1. Devin Feger, 2. Matt Ponder, 3. Nathan Benson, 4. Jason Harms, 5. Nick Howard, 6. Garrett Duff, 7. Kyle Schuett, 8. Joe B Miller, 9. Jake Neuman, 10. Joe Faloon, 11. Steve Finn, 12. Evan Turner, 13. Tyler Duff, 14. Jeremy Camp, 15. Andrew Peters, 16. Matt Howard, 17. Joey Wirth, 18. Dereck King, 19. Jimmy Miller, 20. Aaron Andruskevitch.

POWRI MICROS (Feature No. 2) – 1. Nathan Benson, 2, Matt Howard, 3. Nick Howard, 4. Jeremy Camp, 5. Luke Verardi, 6. Kyle Schuett, 7. Andrew Peters, 8. Joe Faloon, 9. Aaron Andruskevitch, 10. Dereck King, 11. Jason Harms, 12. Jeff Beasley, 13. Garrett Duff, 14. Joe B. Miller, 15. Lindsey Howard, 16. Austin Stewart, 17. Devin Feger, 18. Jake Neuman, 19. Shelby Boise, 20. Tyler Duff, 21. Matt Ponder, 22. Joey Wirth, 23. Nic Harris.

STREET STOCKS – 1. Bobby Beiler, 2. Greg Osman, 3. Brian Dasenbrock, 4. Nick Justice, 5. Thomas Riech, 6. Luke Force, 7. Gene Reed, 8. Roy MaGee II, 9. Larry Russell Jr., 10. Jake Weatherford, 11. Kyle Waters, 12. Jason Scrimpsher, 13. Dustin Reed, 14. Ronnie Burns, 15. Terry Miller.

BILLINGSLEY TOWING MODIFIEDS – 1. Collin Alexander, 2. Brioan Lynn, 3. Rodney Standerfer, 4. Steve Ewing, 5. Zack Bunning, 6. Guy Taylor, 7. Dakota Ewing, 8. Danny Smith, 9. Curtis Hartung, 10. Randy Spaugh, 11, Joe Strawkas, 12. Clint Martin 13, Rick Hamilton, 14. Eric Hamilton, 15. Bruce Boliard, 16. Jeff Graham, 17. Lance Johnson.

OUTLAW HORNET – 1. John Bright Jr., 2. Mike Eskew, 3. Joe McChristy, 4. Thad Gee, 5. Vernon Carlow, 6. Michael Gossett, 7. Stephanie Eskew, 8. Cook Crawford, 9. Steven Stine, 10. Dillon Justice, 11. Vic Overlin, 12. Jerad Matherly, 13. Tharen Reno.

STOCK HORNET – 1. Garth Luka, 2. Benjamin McChristy, 3. Luke Wright, 4. William Deavers, 5. Mike McChristy, 6. Torry Lyons, 7. Marty Sullivan, 8. Dean Holt, 9. Brian Offer, 10. Gary Tooker 11. Nick Matherly, 12. Vic Overlin.





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